Motorcycle rams jeepney: 2 dead Print
Friday, 15 May 2015 17:38


A motorcyclist and his backrider were killed when the motorcycle they were riding rammed a passenger jeepney at the accident-prone part of the Lobregat highway in Culianan Wednesday afternoon.

The fatalities were identified as Jimmy Pedro of Cabato Road, Tetuan and Wilbert Amil of Luyahan, Pasonanca.

Police said the duo’s motorcycle collided head-on with a PUJ bound for Cabaluay and driven by Albert Mendoza.

A police report disclosed that Pedro and Amil believed to be drunk came from Manicahan fiesta and while on their way back to the city proper their motorcycle rammed the jeepney around 4:30 p.m.

Police traffic investigators theorized that Pedro lost control of the steering bar at the descending and curve part of the highway and the motorcycle encroached the east-bound lane causing a collision with the jeepney.

Due to the strong impact, Amil was thrown into the front seat of the jeepney while Pedro and his motorcycle crashed on the hood of the passenger vehicle.

Pedro died on the spot while Amil expired in the hospital.

Both vehicles involved in the accident were impounded at Culianan police station while Mendoza surrendered to the police.

Based on police records, the area where the fatal mishap took place is accident-prone where several other accidents happened and lives were lost in the past. — Dan Toribio