Detained Malaysian wife rescued in Baliwasan Print
Thursday, 21 May 2015 09:50


Police operatives led by Sr. Insp. Elmer Solon on Monday rescued a Malaysian woman and her daughter at a house in Ilang-Ilang, Baliwasan where she was allegedly detained by her Filipino husband.

The woman who is an Indian by blood and grew up in Malaysia and her 11-month old daughter were safely brought to the city police office while her husband identified as Datu Dacula Asibi, a businessman and his two companions, were held for questioning preparatory to the filing of charges in court.

The rescue operation was carried out after the woman chatted with relatives in Malaysia in social network seeking assistance for her to get out of the house as she was allegedly detained and prevented to leave the place.

The incident was brought to the attention of the Malaysian government and was later coordinated with the Zamboanga City Police Office.

Policemen conducted surveillances and found out that the woman and her daughter were indeed detained at the house of Asibi.

Around 10 a.m. Monday, policemen from different units together with investigators of the Women and Children Section swooped down on Asibi’s house resulting in the rescue of the woman and her daughter.

In an interview, Asibi said he did not deprive her rights and she was never detained.

Asibi said that five years ago, they met in Buan Island, a part of Malaysia where they became lovers.

Asibi said that they got married in Islam rites then went to Zamboanga City particularly and lived as husband and wife until a daughter was born.

Asibi said he was clueless why his wife had filed a complaint against him.

Police have readied charges against Asibi and his two companions who were described as the ones guards of his wife whenever he was not at home. – Dan Toribio