BoC district office lacks personnel PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 May 2015 08:36

The Bureau of Customs district office is undermanned and does not have police personnel to enforce customs laws within the port district of Zamboanga.

District Collector Jerry Loresco disclosed that those who want to join the bureau can surf the internet and find the website of the Bureau of Customs Central Office in Manila to apply. Or they can present their application to the Zamboanga City District Office at the local wharf.

According to Loresco, the problem of lack of personnel is not only in Zamboanga City, but also in most customs district offices in the country.

He said it is the BoC central office that processes and approves the hiring of employees who are assigned to any  district offices  in the country.

Loresco also sought the understanding of people transacting business with the bureau because the district  office is currently undergoing  rehabilitation and repair.

Meanwhile, Loresco said he has maintained   the district revenue  collection target.  It was learned that Zamboanga District’s revenue collection  is very minimal. There are only eight  exporters importers contributing to  the revenue collection to reach the target. — Allen Abastillas