NGO ‘wipes tears’ of Albarka children PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 May 2015 08:40

A newly formed non-government organization in Basilan called “Children of War Basilan Association” headed by Dr. Arlyn Jawad-Jumao-as, founder and president,  concerned on the welfare of victims of war especially children suffereing from  trauma, conducted the first ever medical mission in Albarka municipality last Friday.

The activity was successful as several residents of Albarka benefited from  the different kinds of social services from the group with the help of other government agencies like; the JCI Lamitan, Furigay College, 18th IB led by Lt. Col. Tinee Perez, ALS teachers, LGU led by Mayor Darussalam Lajid, 104th Brigade led by Brigade commander Lt. Col. Rolando Bautista, 4th Special Forces Battalion, 8th Scout Ranger Battalion and the office of the vice governor.

The medcap was conducted in connection with the advocacy program of the Children of War Basilan Association to reach different places where war had taken place to serve the affected residents especially the children.

A total of 77 residents benefited from free haircut, 500—feeding, 550—ice cream, 200— ear piercing, 61—operation tuli, 200 — deworming, 186 — wellness clinic, 210 — medical checkup, 11 — dental, 500 pupils received school supplies and 13—lice alis.

The medcap was held in Barangay Magcawa, Albarka, Basilan.

Albarka Mayor Laid expressed gratitude to the group for their concern on the welfare of the residents.

The mayor said it was the first time that an NGO did such activity in their town after some atrocities happened in their place perpetrated by lawless groups like the Abu Sayyaf.

The Children of War Basilan Association was formed in 2014 by Dr Jumao-as. – Dan Toribio Jr.