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Thursday, 16 June 2011 16:06

Impressed by the state of development of Zamboanga City, social welfare and day care workers including women sector representatives from Bayawan City, Negros Oriental are in the city for a 3-day educational tour with the hope of replicating Zamboanga’s best practices in the delivery of social services to the people.

The group, led by City Social Welfare and Development Officer Patria Torreda and Federated President of the Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina (KALIPI) Helen Ventura, yesterday morning paid a courtesy visit on Mayor Celso Lobregat at City Hall where they expressed admiration and praises to the local administration for the many projects initiated bringing in development and progress to Zamboanga.

Chabacano speaking Ventura, who is married to a Zamboangueño (from Pasonanca) said the Zamboanga landscape has improved with the mushrooming high rise buildings and other programs that are testimonies of an evolving city.

Ventura came to Zamboanga in 1979 to seek greener pastures when she met a Pasonanca resident who is now her husband. In 1997 she returned to Negros with her family and seeing Zamboanga City after 14 years is a refreshing experience, she exclaimed.

“I first came to Zamboanga in 1979 in search for greener pasture until I married a Zamboangueño and later left the City in 1997. Bien manada gayot kosa ya cambia na ciudad. Bien manada grande-grande building pat idol nusabe ya yo kemodo anda y liga na otro lugar,”Ventura related, while admitting that she and her husband together with their four children are speaking in Chabacano at their residence in Bayawan City.

“Bien bonito ya gaut ya keda el Zamboanga. I would like to congratulate Mayor Lobregat for the developments and improvements of the City,” she added.
Virgie Lazaro, Project Evaluation Officer of the Bayawan City CSWDO  on the other hand, related that she also came to Zamboanga in the 90’s and was amazed to find out the progress in the City. On top of that, Lazaro also noted the best practices of the City in reference to education and social services.

“Zamboanga had changed so much since my visit here sometime in the 90’s. We have learned about the best practices here in the City especially in education like the TESDA and other social welfare developments here in Zamboanga. In fact, we are also coming up with our building for the Children in Conflict with Law and we intend to adopt the best practices we learned here in Zamboanga and apply them in our City”, Lazaro stressed.

Mayor Lobregat warmly welcomed the group to Zamboanga and appealed for support to the city’s promotional campaign amidst the misimpressions about Zamboanga brought about by incorrect dateline attributions.

The mayor in a brief power point presentation, revealed to the visitors Zamboanga’s potentials and competitive advantages.
Zamboanga City Social welfare Officer Francisco Barredo accompanied the group during the courtesy call in City Hall as well as the visits to major social welfare-related projects such as the Social Development Center, Women’s crisis Center and CICL buildings in Culianan. The group also visited Barredo’s office in Pettit Barracks. 
Aside from the social service-related establishments, the group will also visit canning factories, various attractions and historical spots in the city.
The group arrived in the city Tuesday, June 14 and will return to Negros tomorrow, June 17.

Last month, officials and members of the Bayawan City Agriculture and Fishery Council also came to Zamboanga for an educational tour. —City Hall PIO