3rd wave info caravans for IDPs kicks off PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 June 2015 09:05

Discussion on the implementing rules and regulations for the beneficiary selection of the Z3R plan projects took center stage in the third wave of information caravans for internally displaced persons (IDPs) which officially kicked off Tuesday afternoon, June 3, at the Masepla transitory site in Mampang.

With support from the USAID-The Asia Foundation, the information program-cum-dialogue focused on the provision of information on relevant updates and progress in the rehabilitation and recovery process, particularly on the mechanics and procedures of beneficiary selection and awarding highlighted in the approved Code of Policies for Beneficiary Selection.

This is in anticipation of the eventual transfer of IDPs to the on-site and off-site permanent shelters being constructed by the National Housing Authority (NHA) under the Z3R plan.

The first information caravan stop in Masepla convened approximately 1,000 IDPs from the Masepla I, II, and III communities.

Among the salient points discussed during the information caravan in Masepla were the continued services available to IDPs, the validation of community members prior to their return to be done by barangay and community leaders, and the vulnerability criteria which will prioritize families with pregnant women, children, elderly, and persons with disability per community and purok.

Also discussed were the grievance mechanism which will hear and act upon filed complaints and appeals of IDPs regarding beneficiary selection and award, and the implementation of the Code of Policies vis-à-vis utmost consideration for cultural sensitivity as well as IDP needs and requests.

The information caravan is a continuing activity spearheaded by the Communication Working Group (CWG) in an effort to coordinate critical information to IDPs regarding rehabilitation updates and progress.

Helming the caravan program are resource speakers representing the livelihood, health, social services, shelter, and other early recovery sectors.

The third wave of information caravan will cover all transitory sites and home-based IDP communities for the next two weeks.

The second stop was made at Taluksangay Transitory Site yesterday afternoon with around 179 IDP participants.

This will be followed by the Tulungatung Transitory Site on June 5, the home-based IDPs of the East Coast cluster on June 6, the PTSI Transitory Site on June 9, the Rio Hondo Transitory Site on June 10, the Buggoc and Silsillah Transitory Sites on June 11, the home-based IDPs of the West Coast cluster on June 13, and the transitory site in Asinan, Kasanyangan on June 16. — Jasmine Mohammadsali