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Monday, 15 June 2015 09:29

By Bhong Simbajon

A so-called “Manifesto of Support for Unity and Continuity”, copies of which are circulating in the city through a barangay chairperson in District 2 has created confusion among the 98 barangay chairpersons due to contradicting opinions and interpretations.

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat told RMN Zamboanga during his weekend program “Celso desde Limpapa Hasta Licomo” that he has no hand on what is described as suspicious manifesto because he himself only learned about it last weekend when he came home from Manila for his program.

“I was not aware that there is a manifesto of support being circulated around the city, but several barangay captains called me up when I was here last Thursday and told me about it,” Lobregat said.

The manifesto talks of a strong message of support to the two leaders, Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar and Congressman Lobregat for them to be united, continue their agenda of strong leadership through unity and continuity.

This message of unity drew the approval of majority of those who have signed the manifesto.

Lobregat said he himself goes for it, to be united in one political party with Mayor Climaco and pursue their objectives of leading the city to greater heights.

“I myself strongly agree and want to be united with Beng and my partymates, Quiere yo man-juntu-junto kame para el buen estado del ciudad, todo kame asegurao quiere con este socede,” Lobregat said.

However, the manifesto is creating confusion as the second page attached to the cover letter categorically states that the 98 barangay captains of the city are endorsing Beng Climaco-Salazar for mayor and Celso Lobregat for congressman, a matter which prompted many of those who were approached to refuse to sign saying that they will wait for the official pronouncement of the two city leaders. Others directly called up Lobregat and clarified the matter.

Lobregat revealed that right there and then, he called up Noel Perez of Curuan and Rommel Francisco of Pasobolong — whose names appeared to be among those who signed the manifesto —  and asked them if they really understood what they have signed.

Perez and Francisco told Lobregat in their phone conversation that they signed the manifesto in support for unity and continuity, for him and the city mayor to be together in one political party but not endorsing Climaco for mayor and Lobregat for congress.

Other village chiefs have been warned about the motive of the document.

“The decision of running for whatever position lies in the hands of the concerned persons, like me, I am not yet through with my consultations, so I cannot decide as of now as to what political position will I run in the forthcoming elections in 2016, It is fine to endorse but letting those barangay leaders sign a deceitful manifesto with a suspicious motive would mean another thing,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat said that it seems everybody want him and the mayor to be together but it appears there is an unseen hand in the manifesto plotting to create confusion.

Lobregat said that a neophyte barangay chairwoman in District 2 and a former barangay kagawad who did not make it in the last election were reported behind the manifesto. —  Bhong Simbajon