Monsi to face whoever the opponent is in 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 June 2015 10:21

Monsi Cris dela Cruz, the man behind several successful development projects in Zamboanga City, is firm in his decision to make a second attempt for the congressional seat in District 1 in the 2016 elections.

Dela Cruz said during a press conference Monday that he is determined to run for the congressional seat in District 1 no matter who the opponent is.

Dela Cruz’ statement came as speculations are rife that incumbent Mayor Beng Climaco and District 1 Rep. Celso Lobregat are heading for an inevitable clash in the 2016 mayoralty race. If this will happen, the congressional race in District 1 will be open for other aspirants like Dela Cruz, Councilors Mel Sadain and Jao Jimenez.

“I will run against whoever is the opponent,” the servant leader said.

Asked if he will still run, if Lobregat and Climaco will switch places, making her his opponent, Dela Cruz replied,” I will face with honor with who ever the opponent is.”

Dela Cruz however said he is open to run for congressman in the first district together with either  Climaco or  Lobregat if ever one them would invite him.

He made clear during the press conference at Lantaka Hotel attended by local mediamen, supporters, successful scholars, and students of the Nuevo Zamboanga College that he has yet to decide on who would be his mayor as his option was still open to any sincere proposal.

“Right now I can not divulge if I am for Mayor Beng or for Cong. Celso, I don’t know. God will give me the way and show me the way,” he said.

“I can’t honestly say I will be for this party or that party but whoever would heartily invite me to join them in order to bring progress, development in the city of Zamboanga I can assure any of them, I will give my best operation to work for the common good,” he added.

“But in the event they would run each other (for mayorship), whoever would invite me officially but not during the last minute I am open. So long as my hands are not tied and we work together for the common good,” the congressional hopeful stressed.

Dela Cruz assured that he won’t be a burden to whoever would invite him to run for congressman in the first congressional district.

Political observers believethat even if he was defeated in past elections, Dela Cruz is still a strong candidate as his followers and loyalists remain intact unlike the others they would have the same constituency,

Whoever he will support makes a match difference, “if it is a question of 10,000 to 15,000 votes, why? Monsi Cris does not only talk, He has the facility, logistics, machinery and the organization well as loyal followers,” he said,    Commenting on unconfirmed reports that Mayor Beng is considering Councilor Melchor Sadain, City Health Officer Dr. Agbulos, Councilors Valesco and Jawo Jimenez as running mate for congress, dela Cruz said:

“I will respect the decision of Mayor Beng, I will respect the decision of Cong. Celso.”

But dela Cruz promised that whoever he’ll support for the mayorship would get the blessings of his organizations. “You know very well that despite the candidacy of Cesar Climaco, Jr., I almost defeated

Congressman Lobregat.”

He said that in this particular aspect, Mayor Beng and Cong. Celso, would choose those who are not liability to them. “Mayor Beng and Cong. Celso would choose somebody who would be able to help Zamboanga who would be able to help bring development and help them solve the city’s problem.”

“So if I am given that trust by any of them, who am I to say no? But I am also ready to make personal sacrifice,” he added.

Dela Cruz made clear that he announced his congressional bid early so that the people will have the opportunity to discern him whether he is capable or compatible.

“I don’t want to go around the bush. Let them (people) judge! I believe that this time something good for Zamboanga, not for me, will happen because if I am running just for the sake of my enrichment, prestige honor, forget about it,” he said.

At present, Dela Cruz is not affiliated with any political party although rumors spreading that he might be aligned with major political party sooner than later.

“There are so many surprises and so if the congressman believes on my qualities and potentialities, be able to work with one another then maybe I can consider it (as running mate for congress in first district), but right now whether I have a major party or not I am definitely running for congress.

Dela Cruz had run for mayor in 2007, for vice-mayor in 2010 and for the congressional seat of district 1 in the 2012 polls. — With report from Hader Glang