Monsi: Power crisis needs political courage to solve PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:37

Visionary servant leader Monsi dela Cruz has called on all local stakeholders, including the mayor, other city government officials and congresspersons to play their respective role in solving the power crisis.

In a press conference on Monday Dela Cruz said the power outages in the city have greatly affected the daily lives of the people.

Dela Cruz stressed the power crisis has led to business slow down, major obstacle to the city’s development, dislocation of vital public services and further worsening the situation of residents.

“Let us revisit the present contract right now. Let us work together and look at alternative sources of energy. Let’s give much attention to this (power crisis). Let’s sit together and have a soul searching to resolve the problem,” he said.

“How can we have economic growth and development in our city if we have shortage of power and also water crisis?” he asked.

The congressional hopeful for District 1 criticized Zamcelco for the huge unpaid debt incurred by its management, saying that if only the cooperative has the credibility it can make a loan with only 3%interest.

“Who among the banks will give billions of pesos in loan if the cooperative is in question?” dela Cruz asked.

“But if the one is credible, the banking community will not hesitate  instead of giving 10% or 11% they will give 3% and that will be big savings to the cooperative but that needs strong political will,” he added.

According to dela Cruz, Zamcelco has a big problem on its management and that politics has infiltrated it. “So something drastic must be done and it would be better if the leaders in the city work together.

“Tiene plano el congressman tiene plano el mayor, trambulikaw! Hinde!” he hinted. “It is incumbent for all elected officials to sit down together and fix the problem for every citizen and I believe that is what we should do first.”

Not known to everybody, Monsi, the founder of Nuevo Zamboanga College in Barangay Pasobolong, used his own resources in rehabilitating the Mercedes Barangay Water System.

Several years back, dela Cruz found out a big problem in the management of the barangay water system as it went bankrupt and because of politicians’ vested agenda.

With much attention, he reconciled the involved contending parties and applied a so-called immediate surgical approach, made a new operational scheme and paid Zamcelco.

He also exercised a strong political will by bringing the security forces including the police, Marine and Army troops to cut all illegal connections. Today, the Mercedes Barangay Water System is one of the best water systems in Zamboanga City. — HG