Another sabotage attempt on Maluso water supply foiled PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:39

Another attempt by suspected Abu Sayyaf to sabotage the water service of the Maluso Water District (MAWAD) in Basilan was foiled Wednesday with the discovery of an improvised explosive device (IED) beside a large PVC pipe, one of several pipes that the water agency purchased to replace previous pipes blown up by bombers.

Richard Falcatan, manager of DXNO radio station said that the Philippine Army’s 14th Special Forces Company retrieved the IED which was fashioned out of a mortar shell and disrupted it, preventing what could have been another prolonged water outage in Maluso.

Falcatan said the IED was placed by suspected Abu Sayyaf saboteurs to destroy it or cause injuries to the MAWAD maintenance team undertaking repairs of the bombed water pipes.

Bomb experts said the recovered IED could inflict serious damage to the pipeline or killed persons within a close distance.

On May 28, MAWAD’s pipeline was destroyed by a bomb explosion causing water outage in the town for five  days. Since then the army’s 4th Special Forces Batallion has been deployed in strategic areas to prevent similar terror act.

On June 6, a CAFGU volunteer was beheaded and another was shot and seriously wounded after they were attacked by Abu Sayyaf gunmen while securing a part of the area where the pipeline is installed from the water source to the town proper of Maluso.

Since then, more security measures were adopted by the 4th Special Forces Batallion and one of which is clearing the area through a series of combat operations and security patrols. The batallion, together with the other stakeholders, likewise started organizing community defense system to prevent similar incident.

The Abu Sayyaf is notorious for its savagery, harassment on civilians and exortion on  business groups and government agencies.

Falcatan quoted Maluso  officials as saying that by sabotaging MAWAD’s water service, the al-qaeda linked group is coercing MAWAD in to paying them protection money.

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