UNAHCO bares branded generic Line of vet products PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 June 2015 10:23

by nonoy lacson

Responding to the clamor of local animal raisers and breeders for safe and effective yet affordable veterinary products, Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO) has launched Genvet, a new line of branded generic veterinary products that offers higher quality compared to those currently available in the market.

UNAHCO is a unit of industry leader Unilab and shares the mother company’s vision to help improve people’s lives through safe and quality products. It produces the country’s leading animal feeds and veterinary brands like Pigrolac, Thunderbird, Vetracin, Jectran. and Latigo, among others.

UNAHCO Marketing Director Clint Escondo said Genvet is the best alternative to cheaper but unbranded and unregistered products in the market with dubious quality and safety that can put the health of both animals and humans at risk.

“Genvet offers consumers and dealers an expanding line of trusted, reliable and quality veterinary products. We are confident that Genvet will satisfy animal raisers and breeders because they are affordable and safe, and the public is assured of good quality because it is from UNAHCO,” Escondo said.

Genvet has currently four products in the market that are most commonly used by animal raisers and breeders: Genvet Tylo or tylosin tartrate; Genvet ADE or vitamins A, D, and E; Genvet Ivermec or ivermectin, and Genvet Oxyn or oxytocin.

Genvet Tylo is a broad spectrum antibiotic against pneumonia, while Genvet ADE is a multivitamin formulation that is needed for the overall health and growth of animals.

Genvet Ivermec is a broad spectrum dewormer that is effective against internal and external parasites, while Genvet Oxyn helps animals undergo easy labor and is also essential to ensure good milk production of lactating animals.

Escondo said Genvet will soon expand its product offerings as the company continues to respond to the needs of animal breeders and raisers and to give the public an alternative to unbranded products that, while cheaper, have questionable quality and the manufacturers are unknown.

“It is our responsibility at UNAHCO, as a trusted partner of the livestock industry, to give the market reliable and quality products like Genvet not only to help livestock raisers and breeders earn more in their business but also to make sure that the animals they raise for food are safe for human consumption,” he said. — Nonoy E Lacson