Celso accuses City Hall as behind ‘manifesto’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 June 2015 11:36

by Bhong Simbajon

Congressman Celso Lobregat yesterday accused City Hall as behind the contorversial manifesto that went around different barangays seeking the signatures of barangay chairmen.

In a press briefing held in his residence, Lobregat handed to local newsmen a copy of the manifesto seeking for unity among the top incumbent city officials, but calling for a status quo, which means Mayor Beng Climaco and Rep. Lobregat will run for re-election.

The manifesto first described as “suspicious” has the “build back better” concept which is a tagline of the Climaco  administration.

Lobregat said the origin of the document is apparently the Office of the Barangay Affairs.

“I heard the mayor,when interviewed by media that she has no knowledge about the manifesto nor has a hand on the same, but originally,it came from city hall,” Lobregat said.

The solon was referring to an earlier statement of Mayor Climaco that she has no idea nor has any knowledge about the manifesto.

“If the said document didn’t come from heaven, then somebody must have claimed it in public. If indeed the intention was good, but not to hide it at once and the proponent seems to be John Doe,” Lobregat.

“I have the names of those people where these documents originated. They should admit it at once or I will be the one to reveal them in public,”Lobregat warned.

The controversial manifesto states that it is imperative that Mayor Ma. Isabelle Climaco-Salazar be given the opportunity to complete her full terms as city mayor of Zamboanga “for the realization of her aspiration in making our children’s future a reality today through programs and services on security, health and education (SHE).

The document reads:”Whereas the aspiration of Building Back Better zamboanga can only be realized by the continued solidarity among our present city officials. Whereas as barangay officials of the city of Zamboanga, it is our desire that the current efforts of the city government under the leadership of Mayor Beng Climaco will be sustained andeven be strengthened.”

Lobregat said that since the manifesto has already created confusion, the ones behind it should already come out in the open and push for it to be authenthic so that doubful barangay officials will be clarified.

The solon stressed that he is not against the clamor for unity and continuity but the manner the manifesto was prepared is another story as if political decisions are already being dictated by some quarters.

“Whatever is the motive of the office of the barangay affairs in coming up  with such manifesto is suspicious because the ones responsible refuse to come out in the open,” Lobregat said.

As this developed, another drafted manifesto from the urban poor sector was also revealed by Lobregat with similar title and being circulated among barangay officials. It also calls for support for unity and solidarity among the mayor and congressman as proposed by the officers and members of the different urban poor&homeowners associations.

The second manifesto reads: “We will be happy if you (Cong. Celso Lobregat) could continue your fight in the House of Congress against BBL,while we support Mayor Beng Climaco on her programs and services and her aspirations in building back better Zamboanga”.

Lobregat said after checking the origin of the second manifesto, he found out it came from the Office of the  Housing and Land Use.

“The offices of the city government should not be used for any personal or political agenda. If the mayor,indeed,was unaware of such,then she should call the attention of the heads of the two offices to clarify these things and their motive of doing it without consulting or informing her,” Lobregat said. —  Bhong Simbajon/RMN News