Police warn vs ISIL-inspired ‘bedroom’ jihadists on internet (Casimiro: Check on your kids ) PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 July 2015 12:05


The City Police is urging parents to keep a close watch on their children and their activities online to make sure they are not being influenced by the radical doctrines of terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

This, in light of the emergence of a phenomenon dubbed “bedroom jihad”, where individuals are indoctrinated and self-radicalized on the internet and social media channels, and are eventually recruited to travel to ISIL-controlled territories to support the cause.

“We have children who are being radicalized in the bedrooms, not in the battle grounds or in the guerrilla bases,” City Police Director Angelito Casimiro told members of the local media during the regular press briefing at City Hall Monday morning.

He cited parental supervision, vigilance, and awareness of their children’s activities, especially those that happen online, as critical to the City’s security and in the prevention of bedroom jihadists.

“We are trying to seek help from the family because the defense of the City start from our own homes and on how we deal with our children,” he said.

The police chief emphasized there are currently no indicators of ISIL-inspired groups and activities in Zamboanga City but said authorities are not discounting 7ISIL’s potential threat to families and residents in the City.

Authorities are also on alert for ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks, a string of which were recently launched in Africa, France, Tunisia, and Kuwait.

Lone wolf attacks, Casimiro warned, are often launched by individuals who don’t have police records but who, like bedroom jihadists, have been indoctrinated and self-radicalized through social media.

“We really have to protect our own family at the onset,” said Casimiro, encouraging parents to give and spend time with their children. — Jasmine Mohammadsali