DOF warns public vs individuals who pose as finance employees PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 July 2015 15:43

The Department of Finance is  warning the public against unscrupulous individuals posing as DOF employees requesting individuals to provide sensitive personal information, in the guise of official business as authorized by the Department.

The DOF has received reports from individuals being contacted by persons claiming to be DOF employees using the e-mail:

In the letters, supposed DOF employees request for pertinent information from unsuspecting individuals, to be used for the investigation of fraudulent companies, or to facilitate the transfer of funds through a spurious investment scheme to so-called beneficiaries, among others.

The DOF would like to clarify that these letters are bogus and the DOF representatives are likewise fictitious. Evidently, this is a type of scam to elicit information and funds from individuals by unlawfully using the name of the Department of Finance.

Solicitation of such information in writing, accompanied by a promise of compensation, is a hallmark of an attempted scam.

The public is advised to be highly cautious of such notices, especially from entities and individuals claiming to transact on behalf of Philippine government agencies. Verification of official and legitimate activities can be done through the DOF website: