Abu bomber slips in raid; two held for questioning (Another wanted abu falls) PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 July 2015 10:57


Two persons were held for questioning after they were caught insid a house that was raided by police operatives in search of an Abu Sayyaf bomber in Nurbin Drive, Talon-Talon yesterday morning.

The raid came a day after police and army operatives captured a wanted Abu Sayyaf  member in Barangay Talabaan Thursday afternoon.

Policemen led by Supt. Felix Martinez and Chief Insp. Edilberto Alvarez armed with a search warrant for illegal possession of firearms and explosives, raided the house in Nurbin Drive, Talon-Talon in search of Asaid Alkamhajain, allegedly a student of Puruji Indama on bomb making course.

However Asaidwas nowhere to be found.

Police said that during the raid Pandugan Abdumuin and Loti Kabukisan, son of a former mayor of Albarka town  in Basilan and owner of the house, were invited for questioning.

Recovered by the raiders were a fragmentation grenade and some bomb components.

The police bomb squad detonated the bomb components during the raid.

Police said the Kabukisans are relatives of Indama.

Investigation disclosed that Alkamhajain have been observing by police intelligence agents as visiting the house of the Kabukisans in Talon-Talon.

Abdumuin and Kabukisan as well the seized fragmentation grenade were to be brought to the Regional Trial Court Branch 15 as part of a court procedure.

On Thursday, government operatives arrested Basit Balahim alias Ballan the junction ofof Sitios Balinsungay and Gapuh in Barangay Talabaan, this city.

Balahim’s arrest was made on the strength of a warrant with Criminal Case Nos. 3342 to 3570 for eight counts of kidnapping and serious illegal detention. He was involved in the Golden Harvest kidnapping in Tairan, Lantawan, Basilan in 2001 where the hostages were held captive for four months.

Balahim, in the wanted list of Abu Sayyaf members,  was brought to the Culianan police station. The warrant was issued by Basilan Regional Trial Court Branch 1 Judge Leo Principe.

Those who participated in Balahim’s capture were police and army intellgence operatives.