Danger zone declared in Pulang Lupa site PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 July 2015 11:44

To protect the residents from the imminent danger caused by rampant illegal quarrying in Pulang Lupa, Patalon, Mayor Beng Climaco has declared 1.2 kilometers from the quarry site as danger zone and restricted to people and structures.

Climaco who led a government team of officials and a technical group to the area a week ago based her declaration on coordinates and data gathered by personnel from the City Assessor and City Engineer’s office through the use of Global Positioning System or GPS devices.

Having been declared as danger zone, the area specifically the 1.2 kilometer stretch from the quarry site will be strictly off limit to the residents and the construction of structures or facilities.

The controversial quarry site is the subject of investigation per order from Mayor Climaco citing the wanton destruction wrought on the environment due to rampant quarrying activities in the area.

A landslide occurred in the area two weeks ago and another landslide and possibly other weather-related incidents can be expected if and when the activities will not stop or if and when the rains will continue to hit the city.

Mayor Climaco has directed Patalon barangay officials led by Gaudencio Rojas together with police authorities from the Labuan Police Station to implement the danger zone policy including her earlier directive of suspending quarry activities in the area pending the investigation undertaken by the City Legal office.

The mayor stressed that the safety and protection of the residents particularly the children is the primordial concern of the city.

Meanwhile, the full blown investigation on the illegal quarry activities in the area is ongoing, results of which may be expected soon.

The probe is parallel with the investigation also being conducted by the City Council. — Sheila Covarrubias