‘JDC’ donates school supplies, meds in Salaan PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 19 June 2011 15:18

School officials, barangay leaders and parents of almost 200 pupils of Barangay Salaan in the eastern part of Zamboanga City have expressed gratitude to John David Atilano-Corpin also known as JDC, a Zamboangueno philanthropist, for his laudable program that assists poor pupils in depressed areas by donating school supplies and medicines.

Mrs. Francisco, who has three children studying at Salaan Elementary School, personally expressed her gratitude to JDC after his Grade 1 son received a plastic folder loaded with school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, crayons and other materials needed in the classroom.

“Bien grande ayuda ya gayot el cosa ya dale si sir John (JDC) Kanamun aki na Salaan. Bien pobre kame. Bueno ya lang kay tiene pa kien ya pensa bisita na de amun lugar (What JDC has given to us here in Salaan is already something big for us. Many of us are poor. We are so thankful that he thought of visiting us here),” Mrs. Francisco said.

“We only heard his name over the radio. Personally, I do not know him. But after seeing his sincerity in helping the poor, I will now rate Mr. Corpin’s goodness as excellent,” a Grade 1 teacher of Salaan Elementary School said.

Two weeks ago, Team JDC donated similar items to Mampang Elementary School and four boxes of medicines to its barangay health center. JDC spent his childhood in Mampang then later studied in Manila where he landed a good job.

JDC’s friendly manner and charm made him win many friends who are influential and prominent, both in private and government.
JDC said that all his endeavors of trying to help his fellow Zamboanguenos are being made possible not only by him but through the help of his friends in the Big City.
“As long as I can tap them for assistance, I will not stop helping my fellow Zambooanguenos. I will continue my program especially in trying to improve the educational system in the depressed areas of our city,” JDC said.

Early this year, JDC donated a computer and several books to the Tetuan Barangay Council. — Jimmy Villaflores