Beng asks PLDT to upgrade facility, avert Internet outages PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 11:50

by Vic Larato

Recognizing the importance of Internet connectivity in a growing economy like Zamboanga’s, Mayor Beng Climaco has asked the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company to upgrade its equipment and install a backup satellite ground station in the city to prevent telecommunications failure and Internet outages in this part of the country.

Climaco’s action came after the entire city of Zamboanga was cut off from the information superhighway when the city’s Internet connectivity bogged down twice in a month’s time.

The latest Internet outage hit the city two weeks ago when PLDT’s voice and data services suffered technical glitch for almost 10 hours, affecting a huge part of the city’s nearly one million population who rely on telecommunications services for their daily transactions.

Climaco said she wrote PLDT Chief Executive Officer Manny Pangilinan and asked for the installation of a VSAT, a very small aperture terminal, a two-way satellite ground station or a stabilized maritime VSAT antenna that can prevent network outages in case of equipment failure.

“We need a VSAT or satellite ground station so that we will have a backup Internet service facility should there be any technical glitches that will cut the city off the Internet in the future,” the mayor said Monday during a press briefing in City Hall. “There should be a standby force,” she added.

Climaco emphasized that it is her administration’s desire to develop the city as information and communications technology (ICT) hub in the region in a bid to adapt to the global developments and uplift the local economy for the good of its constituents. (Vic Larato)