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Monday, 20 July 2015 11:32

Governance matters!

Zambo City has improved its ranking by 60 notches in the recent National Competitiveness Awards.

ZC was top 3 (next to the Cities of Cebu and Manila) in the infrastructure pillar based on road network, comprehensive land use plan, indicator of visitor capacity, availability of basic utilities, annual investments in infrastructure, ICT capacity, mobility of the local population, and financial liquidity/development in the locality.

According to Guillermo Luz, co-chair of the NCC, the index should serve as a yardstick for the performance of LGUs.

Luz stands by the integrity of the index noting the data were cross-checked with other government agencies and private institutions. There is no board of judges to avoid any politics in the selection process.  The results highlight the importance of being competitive in several factors, especially those which are closely examined by potential investors.

“The data will catch your attention, you will ask questions about certain places, it will hopefully have you open notes to particular places that will lead you to wonder why and why they are not performing well on certain indicators but most of all I think it will open up awareness and consciousness on the importance of being competitive,” Mr. Luz said.

Mayor Beng Climaco expressed her gratitude in receiving the award, considering her efforts in building back a better Zamboanga barely two years in office.  She has shown how transparency leads to competitiveness. The Mayor acknowledged that there is still much work ahead.

Infrastructure policies would have to be addressed to facilitate movement of goods and services.  Pushing for policies that lower the cost of moving goods and services around the country, her administration is supporting the development of an intermodal and seamless transport system in the Region.   Embedding and institutionalizing change is among her biggest challenges.  Reform for the long run is vital.  Let us build the infrastructure and investors will come. — PR  Investment and Promotions Division