Cop nabbed in NBI entrapment operation PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 July 2015 10:43


A veteran police officer was arrested in an entrapment operation set up by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation at the junction of Pilar Street and Veterans Avenue last Monday morning.

Nabbed was SPO2 Manny Sabani Amba, then under the City Police Office’s Anti-illegal Drugs Special Operation Task Force and later assigned to theRegional Police Holding Accounting Unit.

It was gathered that Amba was collared by NBI agents after he allegedly received marked money from relatives of an alleged drug pusher whom they arrested few days ago.

It was learned that Amba and his team nabbed the alleged drug pusher during a buy-bust operation and filed a case against him with the city prosecutor’s office for violations of Sections 5, 11 and 12 of Republic Act 9165.

Sources said Amba talked to the suspect and his relatives and a negotiation was made after he offered that he would destroy his sworn statement for the court to dismiss the Section 5 part violation which is non-bailable offense hence to enable the accused be post bail for violations of  Sections 11 and 12.

It was learned that the suspect through his lawyer has filed a motion to post bail.

Without Amba’s knowledge, the suspect’s relatives agreed with him but they sought the assistance of the NBI to set up an entrapment operation.

Before Amba was arrested, he was at the Hall of Justice attending a hearing of the said case which was postponed.

Reporters pursuing the entrapment story were disappointed as NBI agents refused to give them any official report on the incident.

The reporters rushed to the NBI office after the entrapment operation to get official statements but NBI agents banned them from getting into the office. — Dan Toribio Jr.