Authorities to tighten port, harbor security PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:55


Security forces will be tightening security on the City’s exit and entry points as part of an intensified security campaign to pre-empt potential threats to the City and residents.

“We are trying to tighten our ports and harbors,” said City Police Director PSSupt. Angelito Casimiro Monday morning in a press conference at City Hall.

Casimiro said the City Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Committee (CJPSCC) recently met to iron out the security details, including agencies who will be responsible for security and agencies who are supposed to regulate operations in ports and harbors.

According to Casimiro, the Marina director recently suspended a boat of a local shipping company after it was apprehended with hundreds of smuggled rice.

The police chief added they are planning to have another CJPSCC, this time, to tackle road security, specifically on intensifying the crackdown against colorum vans.

“We will be asking LTO and LTFRB [to the CJPSCC] because of our concern on colorum vans plying the streets with temporary and improvised plates. I am worried that these vans can be used for abductions and kidnapping because the possible targets would be in the streets, and the vans can be pretending as UV vans,” Casimiro said.

Colorum vans pose another potential security threat as these can be also be used to transport improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and its components, he said.

Casimiro added that these are also a threat to the travelling public, given that colorum vans are not covered by insurance.

“   If anything happened to this [colorum] van, they are not covered by insurance – we will have blood on our hands,” he said. —Jasmine Mohammadsali