Senator to Zambo officials: Focus on security problem PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 31 July 2015 11:29

Senator Bam Aquino on Thursday stressed that the local government of Zamboanga should give more and serious attention to its peace and order problem if it really wants to pursue its economic goals.

Aquino made the recommendation after learning about impact of the security challenge the city’s economy is facing.

“Everybody here is aware of the present volatile peace and order situation in of Zamboanga. Some of you are victims of consequences of this so-called man-made disaster, then the LGU should focus more on it,” Aquino said.

Aquino believes that if Zamboanga City is really serious in pursuing its economic goals, then the LGU should also invest more on peace and order and not rely solely on the national government.

The senator said that knowing that it is indeed a very long process, then let it be done now rather than wait for another worst thing to happen which will again destroy the image of the city, citing the most recent bombing incident in Zamboanga which gained national publicity.

“If we cannot assure the safety of our businessmen and their business as well as the entire local economy, then we are having a very serious problem,” Aquino said.

The senator said the local economy will be doing well if there is a very stable peace and order condition, as well as the implementation of the actions either short or long term plans to improve the situation.

He said that based on reports handed to him by concerned government agencies, the local business atmosphere and the entire local economy is greatly affected by this lingering security problem.

“The local government must give a strong assurance to the business sector, the investors and should prove that its worth their money to invest in Zamboanga City, if not, then we should not talk about business yet,” Aquino said.

The senator said that business and security arre inter-connected.

“Good business comes with a price, businessmen should be protected. I know Mayor Beng Climaco is doing her part on it, but something bigger should be done to ensure public safety,” Aquino said. – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News