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Saturday, 01 August 2015 11:24


A member of the Civilian Armed Auxiliary was jailed after he tried to rape a 26-year-old woman in Barangay Licomo last Thursday night.

Police identified the suspect as Nelson Paelmariano Caserez, 41, married. He was arrested and was brought to the Vitali Police Station pending the filing of charges in court.

Initial investigation disclosed that the 26-year-old woman and  her live-in-partner were at the house of her sister and later she decided to go home ahead of him.

Police said that the woman went to sleep beside her 3-year-old son and around 11 p.m. she noticed somebody entered their bed room and went on top of her and started kissing and touching her body.

The woman did not react thinking that it was her bed mate, but few seconds later she sensed the breath of the man with her in bed was different.  When she opened her eyes, she screamed, because it was Caserez who threatened her to stop screaming.  Other members of the family switched on the light and caught Caserez inside the room.

Timely the live-in-partner of the woman arrived and held the Caserez and took him to the Vitali Police Station.

Police have readied charges against the suspect. – Dan Toribio Jr.