Police launch crackdown vs violators of ordinances PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 02 August 2015 14:27

by bhong simbajon

Police Station 11 commander Supt. Jomari Albarico has started the full enforcement of city ordinances frequently violated within the city proper.

Sidewalk vending, jaywalking, no smoking, parking in no parking zones,  counter flows and truck ban are some of the common violations of city ordinances that were enacted to keep the city’s streets clean and orderly, and which Albarico wants strictly and consistently enforced.

Abarico said he is coordinating with the city’s Community Police Action Center and the Traffic Aides of the city government to simultaneously launch a campaign in all areas within the city proper on a regular basis.

“We have a lot of ordinances being violated, I told my men to be consistent in implementing it, until such time that the public will be disciplined,” Albarico said.

Recently, the station commander cleared all the sidewalks in the city proper of vendors who have been playing cat-and-mouse with policemen. Next, Albarico ccampaigned against jaywalkers and drivers of both public and private vehicles parking in no parking zones.

Trucking service companies were also  caught by surprise when their trucks  were apprehended in their regular trips, not knowing that they have violated and that there is an existing truck ban in the city proper.

“Most of the people I think arre unaware that there are existing laws they need to follow. Then we are here to remind them and discipline them in using our streets, especially now that we are having very serious traffic problem,” Albarico said.

He then directed his men to be on the streets during duty hours and enforce in full the city ordinances without exemptions even to their own kind and even government employees violating it. – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News