77 sacks of smuggled rice aboard van seized PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 August 2015 11:06


Men of the Curuan Police Station intercepted a Mazda Bongo van while transporting sacks of smuggled rice along Lobregat Highway in Dita at dawn yesterday.

A police report disclosed that policemen led by Insp. Abraham Macasalong were manning a checkpoint around 1:30 a.m. when the Mazda van driven by Rolando Flores, 54, of Culianan, came in.

When inspected, policemen discovered that Flores was transporting 77 sacks of “AAA” rice owned by Marcial Sawari, 42, of Jolo, Sulu. Flores could not produce papers to show the rice shipment was legal.

Police confiscated the truck and impounded in at the Curuan Police Station pending its turn-over to the Bureau of Customs for proper disposition.

Meanwhile, police have forwarded cases for violations of Sections 5, 11 and 12 of the Republic Act 9165 against two women who were responsible for the shipment of big quantity of shabu from  Manila to Zamboanga City.

Police said the cases were recommended to both Sheena H. Usman, of Quezon City, shipper of the shabu and Merada D. Usman of Talon-Talon, this city, the consignee.

Merada availed of the 15-day waiver while Sheena still at large as she resides in Quezon City.

Police said the shabu sent by Sheena through LBC weighted95.606 grams.

An information had received by the police that Sheena sent a package to Merada containing shabu.

When the package arrived at the Zamboanga City Airport, policemen and PDEA agents inspected it using a K9 sniffing dog which confirmed the box contained drugs.

Policemen and PDEA agents did not retrieve the package and instead let it delivered to the LBC Mindpro branch where Merada was expected to claim it.

However on that day Merada did not show up  that prompted the police to retrieve it and brought it to the city police office where they opened it and found some clothings and a pair of sandals to which two large sachets of shabu were concealed.

The following day, Morado appeared at the LBC Mindpro branch and claimed the package. She was immediately arrested by the police. — Dan Toribio Jr.