Beng underscores public support to peace efforts PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 August 2015 11:07


Mayor Beng Climaco underscored anew the need for people to constantly support and cooperate with police and military authorities in the fight against all forms of lawlessness.

This, as authorities continuously beef up security measures in light of persistent threats from lawless elements.

The mayor urged residents to remain wary but calm as police and military authorities are exerting their best efforts to keep the city and the residents safe. She said police and military authorities are committed in their calling to ensure that the residents are safe and protected.

The residents should do their share by reporting the presence of suspicious individuals or items/baggage including abandoned vehicles or abandoned vehicles.

It is also vital that people do not forward unverified text messages to prevent panic and confusion, the mayor stressed.

Last Saturday, August 1, police authorities carried out “disruption in place” procedures on unattended items—one left at the vicinity of the Universidad de Zamboanga near Plaza Pershing and the other one in a lotto outlet in Purok 4 in Labuan.

The reports were all negative but the mayor expressed gratitude to the authorities for being fast in their response and for the civilians for doing their share of informing the authorities about the suspicious items.

The chief executive likewise called on barangay officials and the volunteers to be very vigilant in monitoring their respective barangays. — Sheila Covarrubias