Fisher hacks pregnant wife, stabs self PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 August 2015 11:00

A fisherman stabbed himself after he hacked his pregnant wife inside their house at Km. 7, Kapuk Drive, Mampang last Saturday night.

Wounded were Sahaya Bakil, 32, a seven-month pregnant housewife and her husband Dilira Bakil, 41.

A police report disclosed that Sahaya was lying on a bed and preparing to sleep when Dilira suddenly asked her who is the father of the child in the womb.

Not contented, Dilira grabbed a bolo and sliced a part of Sahaya’s neck. Despite the wound, Sahaya managed to hold both hands of her husband who was attacking her.

Police said that Dilira also hacked Sahaya on the right part of her stomach.

When Dilira saw the bleeding wounds of his wife, he dropped the bolo and hugged her then grabbed a knife and stabbed himself.


Both of them were rushed to the hospital. – Dan Toribio