City Council wants SAF’s continued stay at Ecozone PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 August 2015 10:52

by Allen  Abastillas

The City Council passed a resolution during its regular session yesterday proposing for the Philippine National Police’s Special Action Force continued stay at the Zamboanga Ecozone and Freeport for 50 years with an extension of 25 years.

Councilor Gerry “ Totong” Perez, chairman of the Council’s Committee on Peace and Order and authored of the the resolution, said that  the PNP-SAF is occupying  a land area of two hectares at the Ecozone in San Ramon, where they conduct training, development of operations program for its members necessary for police operations and population security marshall plan exercises.

Councilor Vincent Paul “VP” Elago, who supported the Perez’s resolution said that a big area for training of PNP’a SAF troopers is important for them especially for police operations.

He said the troopers’ stay in Ecozone is very important for Zamboanga City’s security measures and the maintenance of peace and order.

Councilor Luis “Noning” Biel suggested that the SAF troopers should be given bigger area, not only two hectares.

Councilor Cesar  “Jawo” Jimenez,  who co-authored the resolution, said that Ecozone needs not only the SAF but also a Fire Station.

Perez said it is up now for the Zamboanga Ecozone Board to approved the stay of the PNP-SAF.

It will be recalled that PNP-SAF troopers were part of the governmenrt forces who defended Zamboanga City during the MNLF siege in September, 2013 siege. —  Allen Abastillas