Rallyists call for GM to resign, Zamcelco to explain huge debt PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 August 2015 11:50

by dan toribio  jr.


Hundreds of blackout-weary electric consumers joined a peaceful rally on Thursday calling for the resignation of Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) General Manager Engr. George Ledesma for his inability solve the pestering power problem.

Participants to the rally including AKBAYAN group led by Prof. Edgar Araojo, NASECORE headed by its president Monch Folosco and from the Urban Poor group led by Rodrigo Pagotaisidro assembled at the border of Guiwan and Putik around 9 a.m. and marched towards a vacant lot in front of Zamcelco office where speakers took turn in criticizing and lambasting the Zamcelco management  for the ever deteriorating condition of the city’s power service.

Some councilors who spoke during the rally denounced Ledesma for for his no-show during a regular session where he was invited to explain the status of Zamcelco.

Aside from some the councilors, barangay officials from the west coast voiced out their sentiments against Zamcelco management for the poor service to the public.

The group also urged the Zamceclco management to be transparent on the real status of the cooperative.

The group demanded the cooperative to explain to  the people Zamcelco’s debt of more than a billion of pesos.

Meanwhile Follosco said they signed a manifesto strongly expressing disappointment and frustration over the daily power outages and high system loss that makes the lives of Zamboangueños miserable.

“Zamboangueños do not deserve this and Zamcelco must be held accountable,” Follosco said.

He added that the rally was very timely to show the united stand of Zamboangueños as all sectors are suffering from the persistent power outages.

“This also shows the general sentiment to the national government thru the Energy Regulatory Commission whose officials are here for a public hearing on the application for power approval of a Power Sales Agreement between Zamcelco and MPC,” Follosco said.

Pagotaisidro also initiated the collection of P1 during the rally for the purpose of raising funds to pay lawyers to file cases against those in Zamcelco responsible for the huge cooperative debt.  Participants eagerly responded by giving P1, P5, P10 and up to P20.

Pagotaisidro said they will continue to collect P1 from electric consumers for them to use in filing charges against corrupt officials of the cooperative.

The group collected the garbage where they held the rally before leaving left the place around 10:30 a.m.

The peaceful rally was staged as a public hearing of the Zamcelco and ERC was ongoing at the covered courtyard of the cooperative.

The entire area of Zamcelco was well guarded by police and military forces along with the barangay officials of Putik led by ABC president Jerry Perez along with the barangay  tanods and CVOs.

The Putik Central School and the Sto. Niño Putik High School temporarily suspended their classes. – Dan Toribio Jr.