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Sunday, 16 August 2015 14:16

Jolo, Sulu-  A road construction project worth millions of pesos which connects the different mainland municipalities of the province of Sulu is currently in full swing being undertaken by the First Engineering District Office of the Department of Public Works and Highways- ARMM.

The over 84.291 -kilometer circumferential road network funded by the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and implemented under the leadership of District Engineer Abdumunir  I. Hadjirul is expected to be completed towards the year 2016 as planned.

The two-lane concrete road project will connect Joo-Buansa, Bato-bato, Indanan-Silangkan-Parang and Maimbung towns, which was given as priority by ARMM Regional Gov. Mujiv Hataman in response to the need for durable and quality all-weather roads.

Hand in hand with the roads, the nagging problems of flooding during heavy downpour and clogging of old drainage system, particularly within Jolo capital commercial center has been addressed — complimented by the construction of new drainage systems.

Since his assumption of office months agao, Hadjitul said,” RG Hataman made the various infrastructure projects as his primordial concern under his administration through Undersecretary Emil K. Sadain, the then DPWH-ARMM Secretary who worked seriously closely on the launching connectivity in the entire autonomous region.

Hadjirul said road concreting is prerequisite to development as it caters to the needs of people, some of which are already competed, passable and serviceable to them.

Sulu officials, to include baranga leaders have lauded the DPWH-ARMM for the initiatives and vowed to extend their full support to the endeavors in consonance with President Nonoy Aquino’s Daang Matuwid.”

The people of Sulu especially in the first district are now happy because they are able to move and travel faster and conveniently able to reach their destinations with the good roads, they said.

“These roads that connect several towns in Sulu 1st district gave  comfort and hope to commuters and travelers as it had partly address the peace and orde situation besetting the province for decades,” said Hadjirul, who used to be the designated OIC prior to his permanent status.

Roads have become so very useful for farmers and village folks as it reduces their travel time to especially to bring their farm products to the market places, particularly, at” bagsakan center” in jolo town proper, the center of trade and commerce of the Southern island province, hadjirul stressed.

According to jul Addi, a resident of Indanan town, it took them over an hour to reach the Poblacion to bring their produce like durian, lanzones, mangosteen, and marang harvested from their farms but “with the road open and passable now, it will only take them less than 30 minutes to deliver their orders to the buyers.

Existence of these roads, aside from the national and local arterial roads have contributed much to the overall economic development of the entire archipelago.

Aside from the circumferential roads, the Sulu engineering district official bared the installation of new water works system project, construction of drainage system and major renovation of the DPWH administration and district office buildings are also on the way.

“These circumferential road project, which was stated during the stint of previous ARMM administration will now be the key to opening up new opportunities for genuine progress which is the answer to peace in this part of the Mindanao,” Hadjirul said.

Meanwhile, the Engineering District official expressed his gratitude to the ARMM officials with the commitment to give the people of Sulu the hope to realize the dream for change. — BFC