‘I saw in him the political will to fight for his people’- Sec. Devanadera, DOJ PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 August 2015 13:20

by Jubels Santos

Secretary Agnes Devanadera of the Department of Justice (DOJ) argued for the government stand favoring the MOA-AD before the Supreme Court together with other top government lawyers.

However, Sec. Devanadera could not hide her feelings after Lobregat spoke and argued before the Supreme Court justices when she said, “after Mayor Lobregat had said his piece, we could see his conviction, his political will to really fight it out. In fact, he was taken aback when I approached him and congratulated him. He carried the ball for the opposition on the MOA-AD”.

Lobregat spoke extemporaneously before the justices of Supreme Court for 22 minutes, presenting his arguments and answering questions from the justices. At one point in the course of the proceedings, Lobregat was asked if he was willing to withdraw his petition if Malacañang cancelled the agreement. And he replied emphatically that the Supreme Court must issue a ruling to declare the MOA-AD unconstitutional.  Otherwise, the agreement can later be resuscitated.

Sec. Devanadera argued and defended the government position on the MOA-AD. But after Lobregat argued before the justices, Devanadera said of Lobregat, “I saw in him the political will to fight for his people. Those who were there saw how the lawyers argued. But, it was different when Mayor Lobregat really argued against the MOA-AD. Surrender kaagadako”.

She further said, “Mayor Lobregat has shown the entire world, not just the Filipino people that when a local chief executive believes in something, he fights for it and he fought so hard against the MOA-AD because it was his belief that Zamboanga is for the Zamboangueños, and the Philippines is for the Filipinos”.

The Supreme Court decision declaring the MOA-AD unconstitutional prevented what could have led to the dismemberment of Mindanao and the entire Republic. —  Jubels Santos