Nuño family joins forces with Celso group ahead of ’16 polls PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 August 2015 13:21

by Bhong Simbajon


The Nuño family, an influencial political force in Zamboanga City, has declared its alliance with District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat’s Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) ahead of the May 2016 elections.

Former councilor and Liga ng mga Barangay President  Abdurahman Nuño and wife District 2 Congresswoman Lilia Nuño surprised reporters when they showed up at a meeting of the local LDP meeting Wednesday afternoon at the Lobregat residence in Nuñez Street where they declared a “political alliance” with the strongest political party today in Zamboanga City, the LDP.

“We are here representing our elders and the entire Nuño clan to manifest our all-out support to the group of Congressman Celso Lobregat as their ally in the forthcoming 2016 elections,” Abdurahman Nuño said.

In the presence of incumbent ABC President Jerry Perez who was Abdurahman Nuño’s opponent in the last ABC presidency election, and Jomar Lobregat who lost to Rep. Lilia Nuño in the 2010 elections, the couple said that although they have political history, they have set it aside for the interest of public service and for the benefit of the people.

“We strongly believe in the leadership of Celso together with his partymates and our alliance and declaration of support will, for sure, continue the good legacy the Nuños have done and will continue doing so for the people of Zamboanga,” Nuño said.

Congressman Lobregat was elated by the presence of the Nuño couple and their pronouncement of alliance.

“I am very happy about this positive development today, as you can see, these are the leaders who really mean their words and actions of doing what is best for the city. We are former political enemies, but now we come together in front of you to show to the people that we can set aside our interests for the benefit of our beloved city,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat added that as leaders of the city, they have considered a lot in coming up with the political alliance and their political agenda of pursuing the objectives of doing what is best for the city as they have pledged in their contract with the people in the past elections.

“There is nothing impossible if we keep an open mind, you see, the joining of the Nuños in our group is a breakthrough. It is a classic example of doing what is best for the city if we are open with our options, because if we don’t consult and consider developments and the clamor of the people, then it won’t do any good,” Lobregat stressed.

Meanwhile, Lobregat would not comment on rumors about Vice-Mayor Cesar Itturalde’s alleged bolting from the LDP going for a higher position with another political group in the forthcoming elections.

He said that Itturalde as of Wednesday was still an LDP and unless he will manifest his official statement and will write the party about leaving them, then that makes it official.

“We ran as C2 during last elections, he (Iturralde) is still a member of the LDP, but if he wishes to join another group, then it’s his option, but our group will not consider as of now putting up somebody in the vice-mayoralty position because Itturalde is our vice-mayor and Beng Climaco would be our congresswoman for District 1 if in the event I will run for mayor or vice-versa, our consultation still continues and as you can see, there are breakthroughs now,” Lobregat said.

Although he declared his all-out support to his present partymates, ABC President Jerry Perez also told reporters that he and his colleagues in the ABC are still hopeful that Climaco and Lobregat will not clash and will consider running together in the coming elections for the best of the city.

Perez said that he believes in the leadership of Congressman Celso and he knows that Mayor Beng would keep an open mind in considering their political alliance as what they did during the previous elections.

Jomar Lobregat shook hands with the Nuños and declared to reporters that he has set aside his political ambition to honor his word and do what is good for the city. He said politics is secondary for the good of the city.

Rep. Lobregat reiterated that he is still hopeful until the end of their party consultations that Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar would also listen to the voice of the people and will find time to sit down with his companions to discuss their political agenda.

“We are not sending a message nor showing off our force to anybody, but we are letting the people know that these leaders in front of you are here all together now to signify once again the true meaning of honest and dedicated public service for the benefit of the Zamboangueños,” Lobregat said. – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News