Beng mulls initiatives to address school chairs lack PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 August 2015 15:07

by Sheila Covarrubias

Mayor Beng Climaco has cited the urgent need for the City Government to look for ways to address the lack of school chairs in the city even as she pointed out that the Department of Education obliged to address the problem considering that the city has initiated the construction of school buildings.

Mayor Climaco several weeks ago in Manila took the opportunity of bringing to the attention of Education Secretary Armin Luistro about the lack of chairs in city’s schools as the city government has done its share of solving the classroom shortage.

However, she said, the DepEd seems to be encountering difficulties in responding to the city’s request.

“The chairs and other needs are basic concerns for the children and the teachers and we think that the DepEd has difficulty to implement this,” the mayor said. With this predicament, she said the local government has to “identify, prioritize and utilize” local funds to purchase the needed furnitures and fixtures to help the school children.

Based on estimates, around P15-16 million out of school board funds will be needed to purchase the initial number of chairs. Another P1 million is also needed for the improvement of the city’s mobile library.

Mayor Climaco stressed the need for the city to initiate ways on how to address the issue notwithstanding the other challenges that the city is confronted with.

On the other hand, she said the safety and security of teachers particularly those assigned in island barangays is another concern that she brought to the attention of the DepEd in Manila.

In the absence of concrete solutions from the DepEd, Mayor Climaco has sought the support of the police and military including the barangay officials concerned in helping ensure the safety and protection of the teachers.

City hall last week facilitated a meeting between the teachers and other Deped representatives and the police and military authorities to address the issue.

Mayor Climaco said the safety and protection of teachers and students is very important and all sectors will have to share and contribute efforts to keep the teachers and the students away from danger. — Sheila Covarrubias