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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 17:09

BONGAO, Tawi-Tawi — The MSU-TCTO celebrated World Environment Day (WED) with the theme, “Forests: Nature at Your Service” last June 5, 2011 at the Chancellor’s Garden House, Sanga-Sanga School Campus in Bongao.

WED was declared by the UN General Assembly in 1972. It is internationally sanctioned as a global affair to be celebrated on the 5th of June every year in order to stimulate global awareness on the importance of environment to our community and humanity. This phenomenon has become the much-talk-about issue of many nations especially in the third world countries today how environment has shaped and influenced climate change that greatly affect the economic development growth and survival of every nation. Every nation has put it as their top government agenda which needs to be addressed with candid resolve.

As a fitting celebration, the MSU-TCTO, in collaborative engagement with the Provincial Government under the Natural Resource Program of the Office of the Vice Governor, Rotary Club of Bongao, local government of Bongao, DENR-ARMM, DA-BFAR-ARMM, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy represented by the Naval -62 based at Panglima Sugala, Philippine Marines represented by its 4th MBLT unit in Sanga-Sanga Air Base, PNP-Tawi-Tawi Provincial Police Command, Coral Triangle Partnership Project of WWF Philippines and the Tawi-Tawi Divers Club, inc., held the Eco-Waste Management and the National Greening Program activities at the MSU-TCTO school campus.

To kick off this world event in a simple but meaningful opening program, Atty. Lorenzo R. Reyes, MSU-TCTO Chancellor, made his remarkable welcome address to the participants in which he revealed his personal conviction to start a new crusade in  the MSU-TCTO under his stewardship.

Reyes said the special occasion was “timely and relevant that will signal my journey toward a new era of committed public service to the people of Tawi-Tawi.
He stressed his personal commitment saying that the role and service mandates played by the university being in the forefront of the education sector of the province is to provide a continuing advocacy program in a way of informing the public as part of the university’s social responsibility.

“We conceived this advocacy program in partnership with other stakeholders of the community to be undertaken in line with the national aspirations to make the people aware of the importance of environment to our society,” Reyes said.

He added that the people need to be informed of any government program as they are directly involved in the province’s development efforts.
The chancellor called on all his MSU-TCTO constituents to drum up their full support toward the fulfillment of this noble objective and to do this, they should join hands in taking a big leap to the MSU-TCTO’s future opportunities and challenges to begin this year 2011 and onward. 

Reyes envisions MSU-TCTO as a model campus for environmental advocacy. He said in pursuing this, “I therefore need the full support and cooperation of the university staff, faculty and students to make this dream a reality”.

Reyes cited the case of Jolo, Sulu as a good example that has been recently stricken by a natural environment disaster or calamity that made its whole town flooded, damaging properties and made many families homeless and dislocated.

In the same ceremony, Capt. Eric Kagoan of Naval Task Force 62 who was the guest of honor, expressed his full support to the leadership of Chancellor Reyes for the environment advocacy.

Kagoan said the Philippine Navy is mandated by law , aside from providing naval defense to the country, to support any government institution, NGO and other community stakeholders in the efforts of ensuring safety and security for smooth implementation of any advocacy program that our government is pursuing.

He closed his message by saying that he would like to make a personal wish for MSU-TCTO as an institution of higher learning that is environmentally friendly, conscious, responsive, clean and conducive for studying and learning.

As an architect of this advocacy for environment, Dr. Felimon Romero, an achiever for environmental research studies of marine fisheries and oceanography, has been equally given a part to make his personal assessment and views on the eco-waste management program of the country.

He said that eco-waste management is both global and local affairs of every nation.
He said this program has been launched nationwide as most important government agenda which need to be addressed.
Romero stressed that eco-waste management in the LGUs was re-echoed as an advocacy awareness campaign to emphasize the ill-effects and hazards that it brought to the environment.

The Tawi-Tawi DENR Provincial Office under the stewardship of PENRO Hji. Mohd. Jonel Monel who was represented by CENRO Abdulhalim Jowak took part in this gathering and delivered his message, saying that the DENR is a lead agency in the advocacy program for environment and eco-waste management.
Monel said the President has issued Executive Order No. 26 declaring the implementation of the National Greening Program as a national priority program of the country.

He said the DENR has to give more policy direction to support any program of environment and eco-waste management advocacy awareness, adding that the aim of this advocacy program is to help the various communities,  forest, environment through reforestation by planting trees in order to make our surroundings green and environmentally friendly.

After the ceremony, there was ceremonial tree planting at the premises of the Chancellor’s Garden House.
The Naval Task Force 62 under Capt. Kagoan donated several trash bins to MSU-TCTO after the ceremony to support the leadership of Chancellor Reyes.
In recognition of this good gesture, MSU-TCTO gave a plaque of distinction to Capt. Kagoan.