Bomb blast injures 3 kids, driver in Ayala PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 August 2015 13:34

by dan toribio  jr.

Three elementary pupils and a pedicab driver were wounded when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded outside the house of Ayala Barangay Chairman Diosterides Librero yesterday morning, the seventh to occur in the barangay since 2013.

Wounded were Jaime Nalzaro, his two sons Fernando, 6, Grade 1, Jason, 7, Grade 2 and Mica Padayao, 9, a Grade 3 pupils.

The victims sustained minor fragment injuries on the back their body and were taken to the Ayala Lying-in hospital before they were transferred to a hospital downtown for treatment.

Jaime told the police that he was driving his pedicab with his two sons and Padayao aboard, heading for the Ayala Central School where the threeare studying when he spotted a suspicious object along the road near Librero’s house.

However when they continued moving, they heard a loud explosion behind them. Jaime said he was sure it was the object he had seen that exploded.

During investigation, police learned that last Tuesday morning, occupants of Librero’s house found two notes thrown into their compound.  When they read it, it appeared that  the sender was threatening Librero. In the second note, the writer was asking for apology as  they were just paid to do the terrorize to the Librero family.

The two notes were submitted to the police for further verification.

To recall, in the 2013 special barangay election, two grenades were thrown into the Librero  compound where he and his political group were having a meeting,. The explosions killed two persons and severely injuring Librero in which he lost a leg and on eyesight.

On Good Friday, this year, another IED exploded outside the Ayala Police Station injuring four passersby.

Three other grenades exploded outside the police station and other neighboring places in separate occasions. – Dan Toribio Jr.