Gov. Tan turns over Khitab to Sulu youth organizations PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 August 2015 12:35


On July 21, 2015, the Sulu Provincial Governor,Hon. Abdusakur “Toto” A. Tan II,  spearheaded the turnover of 1,500 pieces of Khitab entitled “Hantang sin Pag-AyirI iban Sambahayang” (Process of Ablution and Prayer) to the Sulu Youth Organizations who participated in the 1st Sulu Summer Youth Camp 2015.

The activity started at 8:30  a.m. that was attended by organizations like the Tausug Active Youth Organization, Inc (TAYO), Smart Texters Organization, Sulu Youth Association for Responsible Alliance, Movement for Victory Group, Muslim Youth Religious Organization, Sulu Photograpeace Club, Kusug Batah Sug,Inc., Kankitap Consumers Cooperative-Youth Council, Rapapeopz Clan, Nourunnisah, to name a few.

Governor Abdusakur “Toto” Tan II handed over the khitab to “Kah Jun”, a member of the Muslim Student Association-LupahSug, Inc. which was assisted by Timothy Ijiran, TAYO Inc. Adviser and National President of the IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Team Philippines.

“Hitukbal in padduman Hantang Sin Pag-Ayiriban Pagsambahayang pa tumpukan sin manga kabataan, sakurang-kurang in katan sin active agunyari ha tumpukan sin kamu. Bang saw pamamagkulang in khitabmakajari ta raganapan” (I would hand over the khitab entitled “Hantang Sin Pag-AyiribanPagsambahayang“ (Process of Ablution and Prayer) to the active youth organizations in Sulu since most of the members are here, whenever these khitab would not suffice then we would add), Tan said during the turn-over ceremony.)

Timothy Ijiran expressed thanks and gratitude to the  Governor Abdusakur A. Tan II for the khitab that he has rendered to the youth organizations. He also stated that these khitab shall also be distributed to the different schools in Sulu apart from the delegates of the youth camp.  A photo opportunity with the youth participants ended the said ceremony.

The Muslim Student Associations-LupahSug, Inc. has already set a schedule of turn-over of khitabs to the different secondary schools in Sulu on August 16, 2015. This shall be facilitated by the MSA with the assistance from the different youth organizations in Sulu with support from the IDB Graduates Association (IGA).