LTO-9 starts printing 38T plastic driver license cards PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 August 2015 12:36

by nonoy lacson

The Land Transportation Office regional office(LTO-9)  started yesterday the printing of over 38,000 permanent driver’s license identification cards, a move that has been waiting for by driver license card holders for almost a year now.

LTO-9 Director Atty Aminola Abaton said the printing of  the cards  was held simultaneously in this city and in major LTO offices located  in  several regions in the country includin  in some parts of Metro Manila and LTO central office in Quezon city.

Abaton said LTO nationwide has failed to  produce the permanent driver’s license  for the past many months  after the contract with the previous company producing the cards expired last year.

He  said LTO-9 hopes to complete the printing of the cards before the end of the year as he handed over to a senior citizen the first laminated ID card produced  yesterday morning in the new machine supplied by the All Cards Company, the  company that will produce the cards  for  drivers today.

According to Abaton, “the new machine  can print about  1,000  cards per day, a  quantity that guarantee that we can complete the  printing of the cards  before  the end of this year.”

Abaton also announced that the Student Driver’s Permit will now  be in a form of a  card with the same validity and no price increase.

LTO-9 is expected to receive at least 10 machines for the printing of the  permanent driver’s license  card in the region.

Abaton said the  delay in the printing of the cards  started on November 2014,  after the contract with the agency that was  tasked  to print expired.

“We now have a new company, the  All Cards Company,  who will  supply us the machine for the printing of the  permanent driver’s license identification card, ” Abaton said.

Adding that the new cards now have  a much superior features  as compared to the old  cards, an advantage feature to the  LTO license card holder and LTO. — Nonoy E Lacson