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Saturday, 29 August 2015 12:05



The IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Team Philippines, Tausug Active Youth Organization (TAYO Inc), Muslim Students Association LupahSug Chapter and Nourunnisah successfully conducted the distribution of khitab on “Hantang sin Pag-ayir iban Pagsambahayang” (Process of ablution and prayer) with actual demonstration on August 16, 2015 at Sumadja Hall, Capitol Site, Patikul, Sulu.

The event was sponsored by Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Programme in the Philippines Alumni Association Inc., IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Zone IV. Governor Abdusakur A. Tan II and Vice Governor Abdusakur M. Tan were co-sponsors. Said activity was attended by around 180 participants from the youth sector.

Key personalities who were in attendance were Timothy Ijiran TAYO adviser and the National President of the IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Team Philippines, Mr. Munir Dail (SACC Asst. Director), Alim Abdurahman Alhari, Dr. Abdelnaser Tagayan of Muslim Students Association (MSA) Lupah Sug (MSA-LS),Inc., Alim Abdurajak Alhari (the author of khitab) and Vice Governor Abdusakur M. Tan who arrived in the afternoon.

An invocation was rendered by the MSA with Qiraatul Qur’an by Benhar Agga which opened the aforesaid activity.

In his welcome remarks, Mr. Munir Dail (representative of Hadji Fazlur-Rahman Abdulla, SACC Executive Director) emphasized that the Sumadja Hall (venue) is for everybody where people from different walks of life converge.

He stressed that this venue is the office of everyone and is open for all functions.

Timothy Ijiran, TAYO Inc. Adviser and National President of the IDB Graduates Association (IGA) Team Philippines, said in his overview that the wisdom of last Sulu Summer Youth Camp’s get together in Maimbung, Sulu was a manifestation that today’s activity is as significant as the bonding.

He said that the first recipients of the Khitab is the Sulu Summer Youth campers since it is part of the objectives that they should take the lead in serving as role models of the Tausug youth. The remaining Khitab shall be distributed to the different secondary schools in Sulu where school-to-school da’wa was made last Ramadhan.

In self-discipline ha waktuiban ha unu-ununakatan, mausal natuh. In kamatay mga manghud, awn da sab time niya (Self-discipline especially on time can be used in all aspects of life. We do not know when death would come, that is why we need to be prepared because it has its own time), Mr. Ijiran reminded all the participants the essence of the activity. He added that khitab serves as a guide. Mr. Tim Ijiran emphasized that as human being, we commit mistakes that is why we need khitab for us to be reminded of our obligations to Allah S.W.T. When we are patient, we can continue with our Sulu Mission-Vision 2020, he ended.

Mr. Munir Dail introduced Alim Abdurahman Alhari, the brother of the khitab’s author. Tuan Abdurahman lectured on “Kahamputan sin maas in anak ha dunya sambil pa akhira” (Children as gifts of parents on earth and the hereafter).

According to Alim Alhari, the youth has the obligation to be trained by their parents while they are young regarding Islam religion. He hopes that the next generation would follow what is being asked for them to do to guide their fellow. That is why it is important for the youth to be guided with their hearts and minds.  Nowadays, we need knowledge for us not to be lead astray, Alim Alhari stated.

“We should be linguistic and we should also know how to speak in English so we can relay our message especially in propagating Islam religion”, he underscored.    Today, there are a lot of interferences for the youth but I saw that there are improvements especially in religion, he said.

The fastest growing religion in the world is Islam that is why there are many people who would make some disadvantages to Islam, if we do not do our job, we would not be considered as protector of Islam, he ended.

During the open forum, a participant asked regarding mabzhab and Alim Alhari answered that mabzhab should be under the rules of Islam where there is strong basis.    After the lecture, a demonstration on wudhu (ablution) was done which was facilitated by the MSA and TAYO Inc. The participants were divided into two groups: male and female. The male group was brought to Capitol gymnasium while the female group remained in the hall for the demo.

Renz of Muslim Youth Religious Organization (MYRO), doing the demo on wudhu. The participants were enlightened on the proper ways of performing ablution with the help of the young Muslim organizations such as MYRO, MSA and Nourunnisah.In the afternoon, lecture on Salah  (prayer) was done by Alim Abdurajak Alhari (author of the khitab).

Alhari stated that whenever a Muslim pray, he/ she should perform ablution first. This form parts of a great iman (faith) where there is intent and process to be done. Prayer is the most powerful foundation of our religion. Prayer should not be neglected by Muslim, he added. It is obligatory for all Muslims to pray whether they are male or female, Alim Alhari mentioned.

Hon. Vice Governor Abdusakur Tan rendered message of support stating that we should remove the so called generation gap; your leaders want to have dialogue with the youth. Youth should be part of the governance. Your elders were made in order for you to be guided especially when it comes to matters like religion, Tan expressed. Youth should be given a history that is proudly Tausug, he ended.

After the speech of VG Tan, a concern was raised to him by a certain camper from MSA. The concern was about the promise of VG Tan during a dialogue with the delegates of Summer Youth Camp last May. It was something related to the “creation of food processing”. VG Tan then emphasized that he will support the proposal.    At least 5 persons will be sent abroad for study. Those persons, however, are yet to be confirmed.

At 4:47pm, the distribution of khitab was finally rendered. Closing remarks was done by Indah Dayang Nur-in Hapas of Nourunisah stating that each and every participant should be responsible in relaying what they have learned especially in ablution and prayer. She also thanked all the participants and sponsors of that day’s event.