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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 14:55




Los Angeles, CA. — Donald Trump is ahead of the 17-pack Republican presidential candidates. He holds a double-digit lead over his closest rival.

Hillary Clinton is way ahead in the democratic race, but slowly dropping because of her email controversy when she was the Secretary of State.

Nobody ever thought that Trump would be a serious candidate because he isn’t a politician. The pollsters say he doesn’t stand a chance against Clinton, granting that they win their respective nominations.

Mira quita.

In Zamboanga and the Philippines, the protagonists will be known in October, from the day we piously observe the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, up to the 16th of October. Rep. Celso l. Lobregat will file his certificate of candidacy at the last minute, as he always does. Our highly-acclaimed congressman from the first district has not formally announced his political plan, but everybody knows that he will try to retake city hall from the hands of a woman.

Mayor Climaco-Salazar will probably file her COC ahead of everybody, may be at first light of Oct. 13, since October 12, by special law, is a public holiday in Zamboanga. She might also bring her vaunted city council aspirants, including the vice mayor and two congressional aspirants, with her as a show of force when she files her COC. Then, the entourage will proceed to Fort Pilar before having lunch somewhere.

Mr. Lobregat will follow the same routine.

I can only deduct that by this time both camps are preparing their propaganda materials, although the official campaign period for local positions does not start until March, next year. One will showcase her BUILD-BACK-BETTER accomplishments, the other presenting newspaper accounts and video of the Sept. 9, 2013 violent siege of Zamboanga and the plight of the displaced families at the sports complex — anything and everything that will depict a dark and gloomy Zamboanga the last two-and-a-half years — with the call for NO TE VAYAS.

How exasperating politics and politicos can be. Whew.

Here, at the Alpine Village along H-110, a huge sign reminds revelers of Oktoberfest. In Zamboanga, the celebration starts on the first day of October with a parade, colorful dances, cheering contests, etc. And when summer is gone, the back-biting, mudslinging, name-calling, cursing begin. This is the time when promises for a better life and security are pledged to the electorate. Every politician becomes a patriot.

Alas, my friend, Erbie Fabian, has spoken. His best shot at a comeback is the Number Two post in the city government. But he won’t go for it unless offered by either “Beng” or “So”.

Erbie still has a good number of loyal followers. His image can still give him roughly 80,000 votes because he is pro-poor and HENDE KURIPUT.

How come, pala, no one’s talking about the INTELLIGENCE FUND of the mayor when it was the center of controversy during the former administration?How come nobody is questioning the COUNTRYWIDE DEVELOPMENT FUND of the city councillors — a cool million camotes every year for their infrastructure projects? Hasn’t this been ruled as illegal? Didn’t Councilor Mel Sadain propose its abolition?

When Mr. Lobregat was mayor, the IF was the subject of scrutiny by some maverick councillors. Now, everybody is silent about how it’s being used.