Out-of-town contractors tagged behind stalled projects in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 11:08

“Most infrastructure projects either locally or nationally funded and targeted for completion in 2013- 2014 or even earlier that remained unfinished up to this day were done by out-of town contractors,” according to a stakeholder in the local construction industry.

The source who requested anonymity gave this remark following observations aired by a certain sector of local media and even some local residents about the so –called unfinished projects that seem to allude local contractors as the culprit.

“I suggest that those well meaning critics should first go over the official records and determine for themselves what construction firms and where are they based,” said the source who expressed dismay over the issue.

It was reported that the city government has allocated millions of pesos in additional funds to help ensure the completion of some of these stalled projects. Observers say it would not have been the case were it not of the negative slippage that stayed long unacted upon.

“Contractors from out of town may have come up with their lowest bids fair and square but it is a must for the procuring entity to be more discerning and cautious in dealing with some of them,” the source advised.

It was learned that there were those who after complying with all the required bid documents and having been granted notice of award and contract of agreement signed, simply disappear with the money after collecting, as the law provides, the so called mobilization fund.

The sanction meted on such erring firm is simply to get blacklisted only to resurface in due time with another company name, lamented the source.

The infra projects estimated to cost hundreds of millions of pesos that laid idle for years and are yet to be completed thus depriving much benefits to constituents according to the informant, include among others, the Centro Latino at Petiitt Barracks, construction of the new public market, rehabilitation of city council building, construction of Multi-Purpose at Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College and construction of a building at the Western Mindanao State University, just to name some.

Also included are the Z3R road and housing project under the National Housing Authority or NHA and the long delayed by-pass road under the Department of Public Works and Highways or DPWH.

Such clarification was made to avoid any impression the criticism elicited that wrongly placed local contractors in a bid light, the informer concluded. (LE)