Monsi on Zambo siege: ‘Never again’ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 September 2015 11:50

Servant leader Monsi dela Cruz said on Saturday he wants to strengthen his group over certain quarters threatening the peace and security in the city which was affected by the infamous Zamboanga siege of September 2013.

“Having been in the midst of the Zamboanga siege and crisis, seeing thousands of people dislocated, lives lost, properties destroyed, houses looted and burned, people traumatized and some wounded. . . as I moved on with a lift of faith I say never again!” Dela Cruz wrote in his Facebook.

The almost one- month-long crisis which has been variously described a “standoff”, a “siege”, and a “humanitarian crisis” in Zamboanga City that started September 9, 2013 resulted to the death of hundreds, burning of more than 10,000 houses and displacement of tens of thousands of people.

“Explosions, gun fires, houses in flames and even the place where I lived at Lantaka under extreme pressure. While advised to vacate and leave the premises: politely I disobeyed orders knowing that if I leave there would be massive looting and desecration of the place,” Dela Cruz further wrote.

In times like this, according to Dela Cruz, an exercise of strong will power and strength of character is a must.

Not known to many of Zamboangueños, Dela Cruz formed a core group during the height of the crisis to defend the place and his area of responsibility.

“I prepared and gave food and assistance to soldiers and dislocated families. Made sure that the area was secured, safe and well lighted despite absence of electricity from Zamcelco,” Dela Cruz said in his Facebook. “Today, I look back with great thanksgiving learning great lessons of that tragic past. God bless Zamboanga City and all of us!”

Over three months ago, Dela Cruz who ran in the May 2013 and came out as second-runner up among the five candidate in the congressional race

declared his intention to run for Congress in the 1st district.

He also ran for mayor in 2007 and for vice-mayor in 2010. This will be the third time where Dela Cruz and former mayor now congressman Celso Lobregat (if he runs for a second term) will go against each other as they have already fought in mayoral and congressional races, respectively.

In his Facebook, Dela Cruz wrote that some insecure people accuse him of discrimination. “Am sure other issues would surface and I am prepared to continue in my quest to serve with honor and dignity. I have a great respect for the Muslim community, Christians, INC and others and will do so for as long as I live.” — HG