Beng honors employees for 25 years of service PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 September 2015 11:43


Mayor Beng Climaco led the recognition ceremonies for 14 employees hailing from the different departments of the local government who were feted for their dedication to government service at City Hall Monday, September 7.

With the theme “Honoring 25 Years of Public Service”, the Service Award, now on its 8th year, recognized local government employees who have served the City Government for 25 uninterrupted years.

“May these 25 years inspire you to continue giving your best to the people,” said Climaco.

She likewise enjoined the awardees to be models of inspiration to other government employees.

“Twenty five years ustedes na govierno local, may you serve as an inspiration to us to really work very, very hard. Not everyone is given the opportunity to work in the City Government,” she said.

The 14 service awardees included: Angelito B. Reyes of the Office of the City Administrator; Shierlita F. Buenaventura, Masilinda B. Iroy, and Anselma S. Vicente of the Office of the City Budget; Rosabel C. Delos Reyes of the Office of the City Civil Registrar; Alvin Biel, Antonio K. Buen, Joel C. Ebol, and Richard T. Rusiana of the Office of the City Engineer; Doreta M. Cortes of the Office of the City Health; Remo Navarro and Adelisa Villarin of the Office of the City Human Resource Management, and; Gilberto S. Corda and Katherine J. Fernandez of the Office of the City Treasurer.

Awardees received a tribute book and a 14-carat gold ring to commemorate their 25th year in government service.

“They could have worked elsewhere, but they have instead chosen to give their best years to the City Government, and for that we are grateful,” said City Human Resource Management Head Dr. Jane Bascar of the awardees.

In response, the service awardees expressed their gratitude to the City Government for recognizing their service and commitment.

Launched on 2008, the Service Award program seeks to recognize employees who have rendered 25 years of uninterrupted service to the local government, and in doing so, upholding the principles of service, selflessness, and dedication to duty and responsibility to the public.  — Jasmine Mohammadsali