Be ready to lead — Celso challenges WMSU’s PAAI PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 September 2015 11:24

District 1Congressman Celso Lobregat challenged officers and members of the Public Administration Association, Inc. (PAAI) of the Western Mindanao State University to be ready to assume the leadership role, adding that “leadership is a heavy mantle of responsibility that we should not take lightly”.

Speaking before the gathering of faculty and staff, and students of the College of Public Administration and Development Studies (CPADS) of WMSU on Saturday at Grand Astoria Hotel, Lobregat said no one can tell when such role will be entrusted to us. He said, “each of us has and will encounter moments where the role of a leader will be thrust upon us, and we will be required to think, make tough decisions, and lead the charge to action”.

Lobregat cautioned his audience saying, “leadership exacts a heavy toll, and as early as now, I am telling you-be ready.

He further said that the times today require proactive public servants who are ready and willing to serve and lead in any capacity. “We no longer have room for passive bureaucrats. We need leaders, managers, and administrators who are competent, who are not content to simply sit on the laurels of the past, who take the initiative to break new grounds and are willing to go the extra mile for excellence”, Lobregat added.

Commenting on the PAAI’s theme- Surmounting different challenges  of public administration for good governance- Lobregat explained that good governance is about excellence and taking responsibility for the actions that one has set into motion.,

“In my three terms as chief executive of Zamboanga City, I have gained a reputation for being, well let us say, very strict. I think some employees are even scared of me. Not because I enjoy scaring people but because I hold myself to high standards of performance and accountability. I drive myself to excellence because that is what a leader should be and that is what the public deserves. I hold the people who work with me in government to the same standard because I expect nothing less than excellence”, Lobregat elaborated.

Lobregat also urged the students, who are being prepared for the mantle of leadership by the WMSU College of Public Administration and Development Studies, to lead by example, and practice what you preach.

During Lobregat’sterm as Mayor, he would lead government officials and employees during every Monday’s flag ceremony in reciting the JURAMIENTO DE UN EMPLEYADO DE GOVIERNO wherein government workers are enjoined to serve well and right. “In my time there was no 8 to 5, no Saturdays and Sundays or holidays and City Hall would be open way past 7:00 O’clock in the evening” Lobregat pointed out.  

The occasion marked the induction of officers and turn-over of key of responsibilities of the PAAI with WMSU President Milabel Enriquez-Ho as inducting officer. The PAAI officers for 2015-2016 are led by Laurence G. Natividad, president.

Also on hand were Dr. Frede G. Moreno, Dean of the College of Public Administration and Development Studies (CPADS), Dr. JoselitoMadronal, OIC, Vice-President for Administration & Finance and CPADS faculty members.