LTO-9 personnel attend seminar on human integrity PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 September 2015 11:13

by Allen  Abastillas

In its dedication to deliverquality time management and efficient service to clients, the Land Transportation Office-9 conducted a two-day seminar September 11-12, 2015 in a local hotel.

The seminar dubbed as  “Two –Day Integrated Course on Values, Leadership and Teambuilding for Land Transportation- 9 Personnel” with  course title “The Humanness in me: The Beauty and Power of Human Integrity”. The lecturer was Mr. Santos E. Getalado, a human resource development consultant and educator.

“It is in the workplace where real action in life happens. People spend most of their time and active hours in the workplace. But as they become too engrossed with work, they tend to focus only on working for a living rather than also working for life, the beauty and value of life, like values, discipline, principles and relationship that bring about more meaning, fulfillment, happiness, success and producitivity, not just in the workplace but in life as a whole,” said Getalado in his lecture.

“The course brings the participants to do the basics of life, like human relations, public relations and service to fellowmen, human desires, feelings and anxieties and man’s search for meaning, direction and his mission and vocation. These are the very core issues of life that bring about significance more than success, leadership more than mediocrity and execellence, more than compliance only. Work needs strength not weakness , not limiting but perfection and not just conventional but original,” Getalado pointed out

LTO-9 Director Aminola P. Abaton said the seminar is a continuing effort to  educate each personnel of the region  with all dedication and satisfaction of LTO’s clients.    Under Abaton’s leadership, the LTO district office in Pagadian City was awarded by Civil Service  Commission with a Seal of Excellence in 2013.  Ipil District also  received  the Seal of Excellence from the Civil Sevice Commission with a monetary award of P100,000.  cash rewards. — Allen Abastillas