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Thursday, 17 September 2015 11:19


Former DPWH-ARMM secretary now DPWH-Central Undersecretary Emil Sadain lauded the efforts of DPWH ARMM District Engineers in the use of modern technology to monitor road projects.

ARMM engineers make made use of modern technology like the e-ARMM’s Geo-tagging of concrete roads and Google earth as well as the most advanced Quadcopter drone’s photos and videos.

Engr. Sadain said that in just a span of more than three months since he left DPWH-ARMM, reforms in the department which he started has been sustained under the current DPWH-ARMM leadership.

He further said that with all the comprehensive and detailed reporting per district it reaches more than 200 slides and covering aspects of physical, financial, systems, procurements and audit.

DPWH-ARMM Secretary Don Mustapha A. Loong is a young achiever and a techno savvy having the latest gadgets in his personal collections where it has been put to use in the operation of his job as an infra czar in ARMM implementing billions of pesos worth of projects all over the region.

Loong finished his Engineering degree at the University of the Philippines in Dilliman, Quezon City and has studied in Public Sector Reform at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom.

Sadain said that if Congress and Senate would be able to see all those detailed reports, they would surely be impressed and ARMM requests for P20 billion infra budget for 2016, may well be approved.

Appropriation for 2016 is P10 billion for ARMM infrastructure development, But Secretary Loong said the 2016 Infrastructure proposed budget has two components, a P10B “within the ceiling” and another P10B “above the ceiling”, intended to close the gap between other regions and ARMM in terms Infrastructure Development that will finally benefit even the most isolated and most conflict affected areas of our region.

In a meeting of ARMM officials, Sec.Loong updated the Regional Economic Development and Planning Board (REDPB) on ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman Administration’s proposed budget for infrastructure in 2016.

Projects “within the ceiling” amounts to P10.103 B consist of Construction/Rehabilitation of 485.726 Kms of major and local roads and 46 bridges; expansion/rehabilitation of 25 seaports and 54 water supply projects; construction of 41 shore/slope protection and construction of flood control and drainage structures.

While additional projects “above the ceiling” will cost P10B that consist of construction/rehabilitation of 577.137 Kms of major and local roads and 26 bridges; expansion and rehabilitation of 1 seaport and 1 water supply project; and construction of 9 shore/slope protection works.

At present the proposed “above the ceiling” project is lodged with the National DPWH, Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman has sent a letter to national DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson that the above the ceiling proposed infra of DPWH-ARMM must be implemented by DPWH Region IX,X and XII in close coordination with ARMM DPWH.

At a marathon Outbound Meeting of the DPWH ARMM held on Sept 14, 2015 in Manila and attended by all Regional heads of offices and District Engineers as well as Area Engineering Services, they were able to listen to the reports and discuss issues to continuously improve systems in the implementation of the 10 Billion 2015 infrastructure budget under the Administration of Governor Mujiv Hataman.

Usec Emil Sadain has been working closely with DPWH-ARMM on an almost weekly basis to have a convergence system that is geared towards ensuring ARMM will no longer lag behind the regular regions in terms of Infrastructure Development.

Sadain has started the DPWH ARMM Reform Agenda 2012 and beyond that has become the blueprint and roadmap that has transformed DPWH ARMM from the least performing agency of the region in the past to the most outstanding Agency in terms of performance and output.

The outbound meeting included in-depth reports by District Engineering offices showing the location by e-ARMM’s Geotagging, Google Earth and Drone surveillance technology that provides multiple verification as to the status of the road project implementation.

Aside from the regular mandate of more than a thousand kilometers of roads from 2012 to 2015, DPWH ARMM was also tasked to implement hundreds of School Buildings funded under the DepEd as well as hundreds of Water and Sanitation projects under Deped and the flagship project of the Office of the ARMM Governor in ensuring that semblance of government develops in urban and community clusters in ARMM via the ARMM HELPs implemented in hundreds of Barangays all across the region.

The outbound staff meeting is the Expanded Management Committee (ManComm) Meeting of the DPWH ARMM that includes all heads of the offices in the region as well as the forefront District Engineers of the 8 District Engineering offices and 5 Area Engineering Offices.