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Friday, 25 September 2015 15:02

Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV arrives in Zamboanga City today and will immediately host a press briefing among the local media men at the Grand Astoria hotel.

Trillanes maintains his standing as the top performing legislator in the country based on the number of bills, resolutions and committee reports he has filed and sponsored that have been enacted into law.

For both the past and present congresses, his record has been consistent as having the most number of national bills passed into law.  In the 15th Congress, he was instrumental in the passing of 17 national bills; while in the 16th Congress, he has principally authored 4 national bills already passed into law, with another 10 bills passed on 3rd reading as of August 2015.

Some of Trillanes’ notable bills enacted into law include: AFP Modernization Law; Increase in the Subsistence Allowance of Uniformed Personnel; Salary Standardization Law 3; Increase in the Burial Assistance to Veterans; Archipelagic Baselines Law; Universal Healthcare Law; Immediate Release of Retirement Benefits of Government Employees; PAG-IBIG Fund Law; Magna Carta for Disabled Persons; Expanded Senior Citizens Act; and Anti-Bullying Act.

Aside from these accomplishments, Trillanes is also active in conducting and participating in hearings investigating corruption cases and anomalies in the government.

One of the highlights of his military profession was the daring search and rescue operation for the survivors of the ill-fated M/V Princess of the Orient at the height of a super typhoon in 1998. For this act of risking their own lives in the fulfillment of their duty, Sonny and his unit managed to rescue 32)survivors.

He was also involved in numerous naval operations in support of ground operations directed against the Abu Sayyaf and other lawless elements.

As procurement officer of the Naval Training and Education Command, Philippine Navy, Sonny reformed the procurement system, which resulted to the accumulated savings of more than four million pesos in favor of the government.

For his meritorious service to his country, Sonny has been awarded a total of 23 assorted merit medals, campaign ribbons and badges.

Sonny, thereafter, became widely known for his prominent role in the uprisings directed against the oppressive Arroyo regime which put him in jail for 7½ years. In 2007, he successfully launched a nationwide campaign from his prison cell as he ran and won a seat in the Philippine Senate on a shoestring budget.

Since the beginning of his senatorial stint, Trillanes has filed a total of 1,077 bills and resolutions, 52 of which have been passed into law. — Monch L. Follosco