Foiled bank robbery PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 14:13

Police are looking into a reporte4d foiled robbery at the branch of a bank along Nuñez Extension eary yesterday morning.

Report said that around 5 a.m.,  the bank’s alarm system started ringing and stopped after a couple of minutes.

When the management verified, they found out a forcible entry sign on the roof.

Policemen conducted an ocular investigation inside the bank and found out the intruders may have hurriedly left without taking money or valuables because of the alarm.

Investigators noticed that the safety vault was still locked indicating that the robbers did not succeed in getting the combination numbers to open.

Some finger prints were lifted from the bank interior intended to help in the investigation.

Policemen were still conducting follow-up operation for the possible arrest of the robbers. — Dan Toribio Jr.