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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 14:14

Police have established the identity of the man who planted a bomb on a D’Biel bus that exploded and killed a young girl and injured 33 others on Sept. 18.

City Police Director Sr. Supt. Angelito Casimiro on Monday said the identity of the bomber was established through the description given by witnesses and victims of the bombing.

Casimiro declined to name the suspect pending the filing of appropriate cases in court.

A 14-year-old girl was killed while 33 others, including a one-year-old child, were injured in the bus explosion at the terminal at Tomas Claudio Street.

The ill-fated bus is one of the units of the D’ Biel Transit Company owned by the family of Councilor Luis Biel III.

The family also owns and operates buses and vans in Basilan province servicing the Isabela City-Lamitan City route and vice-versa.

Casimiro said the artist sketch derived from the description of the witnesses and victims matched with the photo at the rogues gallery of a threat group member.

The police refer threat group to group of lawless elements and other criminal syndicate.

“We got the rogues gallery of the different threat group members and showed it to the witnesses and to the victims and they pointed to just one individual,” Casimiro explained how they established the bombing suspect’s identity.

He said they were just completing the needed documents in preparation for the filing of the case against the suspect.

He said the motive of the incident was extortion citing the suspect belong to the same group responsible in previous bombing of a bus owned by D’ Biel Transit Company.

Three people were killed while one was injured when a bomb exploded on Sept. 20, 2013 in one of the buses of the same company while parked at the storage area in Barangay Labuan, 36 kilometers west of City Hall.

The motive of the 2013 incident was also extortion.