PPA launches project for crime prevention, public awareness PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 14:24


Teaching the public about crime prevention and awareness is a necessary responsibility for the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Port Management Office of Zamboanga. A campaign called. “Serbisyong Hatid para Kay Juan at Juana”: A PNP Street Crime Prevention Project,” will be launched today, September 30, at 9:00 a. m. at the Passenger Terminal Building (PTB), which aims to inform, educate and alert the public with the aid of info graphic materials to be shown on LCD monitors in seaports and airports.

A brainchild of Development Academy (DAP) scholar SP04 Ricky De Peralta Cabatic, the project is designed to be a collaborative effort of the PNP, the City Government of Zamboanga, PPA and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. In his project briefer, Cabatic pointed out that although the “proliferation of street crimes like robbery, shooting incidents, pick-pocketing and the like” have several causes, it may also be attributed to the “low participation of the community in crime prevention, reporting and court litigation because of fear, lack of skills and capability and the asymmetry of information on the present programs and projects of the Philippine National Police in crime prevention and solution.” This project aims to cure this flaw with an extensive information drive in major transport facilities and in other frontline service providers.

The Zamboanga City Siege in 2013 and the alarming increase in the city’s crime rate in the ensuing years has made security, as well as peace and order of major concerns for the Zamboangeno. Crime statistics manifest that such concern is well-placed, with the City ranking number 1 on the total volume of crime in Region 9 during the first quarter of 2014. According to Cabatic, Zamboanga City’s total crime volume is at 6, 760 or 46.56 % in 2014, showing an increase in the index crime at 23.8 % or 1, 132 and 37.3 % or 2, 346 on the non-index crimes compared to the previous year, 2013.

The project launching will be facilitated by PPA, and is expected to make a significant difference in the psyche of the port community, especially to travelers who become even more vulnerable without access to accurate information. Port Manager Engr. Liberto dela Rosa himself believes that having the power of information could keep a person, and even a community, absolutely safe from the most potent of dangers. He said, “The formula for solid, impenetrable security has always included access to accurate, updated information. Kingdoms toppled due to wrong intel; dynasties crashed because of misinformation. In vulnerable times like these, we have to use information to our advantage, so that we could keep our facilities, our communities, our families, and our very own person, absolutely safe.” — Karen Kay Rivero