Military, police not convinced Abus behind Samal kidnapping PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 14:25

A military spokesman said Tuesday that military and police investigators are not convinced by reports that the militant Abu Sayyaf group is behind the September 21 kidnapping of three foreigners in Samal island, Davao del Norte.

Col. Restituto Padilla told radio station DzBB in an interview that reports claiming the Al-qaeda linked group snatched the two Canadians, a Norwegian and a Filipina in a posh resort are not specific and clear.

“They say Abu Sayyaf , but evidences gathered by soldiers and police were unable to indicate that the militant group has done this so we still cannot say it’s conclusive, “ Padilla.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had claimed to have received intelligence reports indicating the Abu Sayyaf had taken the four hostages to Jolo island, Sulu where other kidnap victims are believed to be still held captives.

A source from the Sulu police provincial office on Monday told GMA News that it has received an intelligence report from the Philippine Marines, that the four hostages have been spotted in the town of Indanan, Sulu.

Padilla said that all of the information that the military and the police investigators received over the weekend and on Monday are still being validated.

He added that they have asked Duterte to introduce their investigators to his  sources so they can confirm the local executive’s  information that the kidnap victims have been taken to Sulu.

The mayor on Sunday said that Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad, Canadians John Ridsdel  and Robert Hall and Filipina Marithes Flore have been brought by their kidnappers to Sulu.

Duterte also said that the kidnappers are allied with the Abu Sayyaf Group.

Local police investigators on Samal Island had said that the kidnapping style of the armed group that took the four victims is different from the Abu Sayyaf  group’s.

“We requested Mayor Duterte linkup with the origin of the information to verify that, “ Padilla said

GMA News quoted another report as saying that the hostages were spotted with some 300 armed men and “prominent” leaders of the militant group.Yasser Igasan, and sub-leaders Angah Adji, Alhabsy Misaya Mohammad Said (alias Amah Maas),  Idang Susukan, Furuji

Indama, Julhajan Aksan (alias Halimaw).

Padilla said that police and military investigators have yet to receive information that the kidnappers  have contacted the families of  their captives.

“We wonder there is no confirmation if they (Abu Sayyaf) contacted or engaged in negotiation,  “the military spokesman said,

He said usually kidnappers would make an initial contact with their captives’ families right after the abduction.

Padilla said they have been assured of full cooperation by the foreign victims’ embassies.

Moreover he said that military and police investigators handling the Samal Island kidnapping are being very  careful with the release  of their initial investigations’ results.

He added that the military and the police are also withholding vital operational information.